Mission Statement

Unterweger Früchteküche GmbH is a family business run by the third generation. Highest priority in over 80 years of existence of the company has been the manufacturing of products always of the highest quality.
High innovation and the creation of products with highest quality standards should secure and expand the competitive position on the market by the achievement of individual benefits for our customers.

Our story/history

This is how it all began.

In the difficult times of the interwar years, Ignaz and Josef Unterweger began to export cranberries. Quickly they recognized the possibilities of the processing of fruits from the local and surrounding area.

in 1931 Ignaz and Josef Unterweger founded the brothers Unterweger refinement of fruits.


With selected jellies and mostarda di frutta of Tiroler Früchteküche has enriched its line of specialities with a series of mini-glasses.  The lemon jellies with Valencia orange, quince and apple or wild cranberry can be enjoyed as classic breakfast spreads as well as to enhance sweets and desserts, and in the evening as a delicious accompaniment to cheese and meat. In contrast to the jellies you can enjoy the mostardas of Tiroler Früchteküche ideally with savory dishes. Particularly suitable are different types of cheese and smoked meat. The mustards in different flavors are the icing on the cake.

Trade Fairs 

You want to discover and taste the different products or novelties of Tiroler Früchteküche?

Then come and visit us at one of the fairs listed below.  We are happy to present you our various jams, compotes, syrups and specialties on site and are available for any questions, requests or concerns.