Apprenticeship as food technologist

The promotion of young researchers is of particular importance to us. We regularly hire apprentices for the apprentice training as a food technician. Food technicians manufacture a wide range of food or prepare the production of food. They are responsible for the entire production process. Since 2008 this apprenticeship has been a recognized profession.  The training takes 3.5 years.  The teaching is carried out in the vocational schools in Wels and is blocked for 10 weeks a year. At the request of the apprentice, it is also possible to combine the training with a higher school certificate, extending the  apprenticeship for 6 more months.

Food technologist

  • select the raw materials,
  • check the quality of raw materials,
  • take care of proper storage of raw materials and produced products,
  • fix errors of the machines. 
  • check the quality of the finished products,
  • ensure compliance with the safety and hygiene regulations.

Key skills

  • team player
  • communication skills
  • oroblem-solving ability
  • carefulness
  • flexibility

The training has therefore a very broad and wide field of activity:

Food technology

  • knowledge of industry-specific raw materials and additives
  • knowledge in the field of food chemistry and microbiology
  • knowledge of the processes of the food production 
  • knowledge of packaging materials
  • knowledge of in-house quality management

Manufacturing engineering

  • preparing the production and adjustment of production facilities
  • operating the automation systems
  • operating the filling systems and packaging systems
  • detect and fix errors of machines
  • knowledge in the area of measurement and control technology
  • organising of quality controls
  • documentation of the work results

We expect from interested trainees:

  • a successful school-leaving certificate
  • very good knowledge of mathematics
  • interested in physics/chemistry/biology
  • possibly first knowledge of dietetics
  • team-oriented, eager to learn and committment